Jnanashakthi Trust

Sabha has been striving hard on various initiatives that are beneficial to the society and enrich Indian culture. In this regard Sabha constituted a trust named ‘Jnanabharathi Trust’. Any general public can avail the benefit of this trust irrespective of caste and community. Following are the prime objectives of the Trust:

1.To impart education by establishing, maintaining and managing educational  institutions like schools, colleges, technical and medical institutions, vocational guidance centers, adult education centers etc.,

2.To award scholarships, including loan scholarships without profit motive to poor students  and to institute awards, prizes ,honoraria ,fellowships to scholars ,students and teachers etc.,

3.To encourage, promote and conduct cultural programmes and activities which help in improving public morality, ethical standards and cultural heritage.

4.To develop and propagate Tulu Language, its literature and heritage.

5.To encourage, promote   and conduct educational and vocational training programmes, for the youngsters in particular.

6.To construct, maintain and manage community halls for the benefit of the general public for conducting various functions.

7.To promote and encourage National and International games.

8.To establish, administer, maintain, support and provide finance for, hostels for students, working men and women, libraries, reading rooms for students and general public.

9. To establish gurukulas and similar institutions for propagation of vedas, upanishads and similar subjects relating to Indian philosophy for spiritual advancement of the members of society irrespective of caste, creed or community.

10.To construct, maintain and manage and provide finance for hospitals, nursing homes, medical laboratories, dispensaries, ambulances, mobile medical relieves for the benefit of the needy sections of the society.

11.To establish, maintain, manage and provide finance for old age or senior citizens homes for the aged persons and provide the necessary amenities including medical facilities as also and to provide financial assistance to the needy senior citizens.

12.To conduct adult education programmmes and rural development programmmes for the benefit of the needy public.

13.To plant trees, engage in social forestry, maintain public gardens with the objective of environment and cultural protection.

14.To establish, maintain, and manage public playgrounds, and parks.

15.To establish and maintain tube wells, open wells, tanks, water works for supply of drinking water as also for agricultural and other purposes.

16.To construct, establish and maintain animal shelters in general and goshalas in particular.

17.To provide financial and other assistance to the needy and deserving members of the society to conduct marriages and other similar customary functions of their children or dependents.

18.To conduct tournaments, competitive programs, construct ,maintain and manage facilities for sports and games with a view to inculcate sportsmanship and camaraderie among the public.

19.To conduct classes in music, dance, folk arts, martial arts, yoga etc., to propagate cultural heritage of our country.

20.To collect and donate funds for the benefit of needy public who suffer on account of natural calamities, war, riots or civil commotion, accidents etc,.

21.To collect and develop the Trust funds for the purpose of the trust named above.

22.To receive voluntary donations, subscriptions in any form or forms from the public for the charitable purposes mentioned herein.

23.To publish souvenirs, arrange benefit shows/functions, collect advertisements donations/subscriptions in cash and kind and utilise surplus therefrom for charitable purposes mentioned herein.

24.To acquire any property movable or immovable, by way of purchase, possessory mortgage or on lease, for the purpose of the trust, to sell or alienate or lease /pledge create charge on any property belonging to the trust for the advancement of the objects of the trust or for the improvement of the trust properties.

25.To provide financial assistance to any other institutions, associations or public bodies who have similar objects as above for the benefit of the needy public.

26.To do all other acts, deeds and things for the public charitable purpose as deemed necessary, proper and expedient to further the objects or activities as may be decided by the Trustees from time to time.

Following Committees are part of the Trust:

1.Education Committee
2.Sports & Cultural Committee
3.Employment Committee
4.Program and Service Committee
5.Hall Booking & Matrimonial Committee